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There are two basic approaches to medicine. The first, conventional or allopathic medicine, which is practiced by the majority of today’s physicians (and the one you’re probably most familiar with), focuses on eliminating the patient’s symptoms. 

One problem with this approach is that it usually involves excessive — and often avoidable, if not unnecessary — medication or surgery. For example: If you have high cholesterol, a conventional doctor will prescribe a statin drug, regardless of its serious side effects. For asthma, a doctor will prescribe an inhaler that contains harmful steroids. This may help in the short- term as symptomatic treatment has its place, but this approach fails to address the root cause of the condition. As a result, the problem can return, take a different form, or develop complications due to side effects from treatment.

This first approach may not only be ineffective in the long-term, but dangerous and costly as well. Of course, there are severe conditions that warrant fast-acting interventions such as medication or surgery. For example, if you break a leg, have a head injury or a heart attack, conventional medicine is your best course of action as these physicians are trained to treat acute conditions. Again, where conventional medicine falls short is in determining the deeper, underlying causes of an illness or chronic condition. Even more crucial, it fails to prevent them. 

Holistic Medicine: A Superior Approach to Achieving Superior Health

The second approach to medicine — the one Dr. Vicki practices and which has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) — is called Holistic or Integrative Medicine. In direct contrast to conventional medicine, the goal of this approach is to address the root cause(s) of an illness, as well as alleviate your symptoms. This embraces the principle that these symptoms are your body’s attempt to restore balance. 

Thinking about it logically, it makes perfect sense: Determine what’s causing the problem instead of merely masking it with unnecessary, potentially dangerous medication or surgery. No wonder today’s most advanced physicians consider this approach the new medicine of the 21st century.

In Holistic Medicine, the focus is on you, the patient, not merely your health issue. The trained practitioner considers every aspect that contributes to your unique nature and health. This includes family health background, personal health history, blood work, medication usage, diet, exercise and lifestyle — even your emotional state — to accurately determine the root cause of your condition. Only after this comprehensive evaluation is a proper diagnosis made and a method of treatment recommended. The emphasis is on safely and naturally eliminating the underlying cause of your health issue, restoring your body’s balance and preventing a recurrence, thereby helping you achieve and maintain optimal wellbeing.

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