Phone/Skype Consultations

Dramatically Transform Your Wellbeing in the Comfort & Privacy of Your Home

  • Thorough, Detailed Health Consultations
  • Proven Effective Process & Diagnosis
  • Review of Various Medical Tests
  • Recommended Treatment Included
  • Affordable Concierge Plans Available

Drawing on her diverse medical background, Dr. Vicki frequently conducts extensive health consultations via telephone, Skype or FaceTime. These personalized, detailed medical interviews cover family health background, individual health history, medication usage, diet, exercise regimen, possible exposure to toxins and more.

Following your initial consultation, Dr. Vicki will provide an in-depth diagnosis, along with specific recommendations for treatment. Each complete consultation includes two 15-minute follow-up calls, as well as email correspondences. As her priority is your optimal wellbeing, should she determine that you require local medical attention, she will not hesitate to recommend it.

Dr. Vicki’s phone/Skype consultations are ideal for those patients experiencing a chronic health issue, a recent injury or physical discomfort, or anyone who wants to increase his or her vitality and wellbeing. Conducted in the comfort and privacy of your home, these ultra-convenient sessions have proved extremely effective in helping patients make simple changes that inspire dramatic, lasting results. If you require extensive, long-term attention, consider one of Dr. Vicki’s concierge plans. These allow for a set number of evaluations and follow-ups throughout the year for one affordable fee.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Dr. Vicki today. Call/Text: 949.235.5560 | Email: