Preventive Healthcare

Live a Healthy Lifestyle & Avoid Getting Sick

Conventional Medicine excels at alleviating symptoms. Where it falls short, however, is in the realm of maintaining optimal health and avoiding illness. That’s because it’s a disease-oriented system that uses drugs and surgery as its primary modes of treatment.

By contrast, Holistic (Integrative) Medicine strongly supports Preventive Healthcare. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, imbalances show up in your energy long before they show up in blood tests. So why wait until you get sick to seek medical attention when you can maintain good health and avoid illness in the first place!

Many health conditions can be avoided by living a better lifestyle. By taking consistent actions you can maintain your wellbeing and live a rich, vibrant life. There are many simple regimens that can put you — and keep you — on track for robust health at any age. In fact, there’s no mystery to achieving and maintaining optimal health. A good diet designed for your body type, an exercise plan and a few nutritional supplements, along with periodic checkups, are all you need to live a healthy life right now.

A physician trained in Preventive Healthcare knows how to thoroughly evaluate your current health and make minor adjustments in your daily regimen that will strengthen your immune system, help eliminate potential health threats and boost your vitality. These are all simple, easy-to-follow actions that you can do to take control of your wellbeing. Best of all, you’ll feel the difference these simple actions have on your wellbeing…often immediately! 

Experience the Joyous Freedom of Vibrant, Total Wellbeing

Throughout her career, Dr. Vicki has been an avid practitioner of Integrative Medicine, bringing decades of proven experience to every patient and working side by side with many of today’s most respected MDs. Moreover, her expertise in a variety of Holistic disciplines places her at the forefront of this safe, sensible and highly effective approach to Preventive Healthcare and optimal wellbeing. After conducting a comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Vicki will draw upon her diverse, extensive knowledge to recommend a personalized course of treatment based on your individual needs. These may include Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Homotoxicology, Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Supplements and more. Most important, she’ll recommend changes in your diet and lifestyle that you can easily follow without ever feeling overwhelmed. As always, Dr. Vicki is committed to empowering you to take control of your own health and experience vibrant, joyous living.

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