Acupuncture for Men & Women

Restore Your Body’s Natural Balance & Maintain Optimal Wellbeing

Acupuncture promotes the body’s own natural healing power by regulating the flow of qi, the vital life force or energy that circulates throughout your body. When qi energy flows freely, the body achieves and maintains balance and wellbeing. When it stagnates, is blocked or out of balance, illness or some form of health problem often results.

By restoring your body to its natural state of balance and vibrant, youthful health, Acupuncture promotes and enhances vitality and wellbeing. During a typical session (20-40 minutes) patients often describe a feeling of deep calm and relaxation. A licensed Acupuncturist with decades of experience, Dr. Vicki has had remarkable success treating men and women for a wide range of symptoms, imbalances, diseases and health conditions. [Also see Acupuncture Introduction]

Acupuncture Treats the Following Conditions & Concerns…

Addictions (Smoking, Overeating, etc.) Anxiety Allergies Arthritis Asthma Back Pain Bursitis Fatigue Fibromyalgia  Chronic Pain Circulatory Problems Cosmetic (Skin Elasticity & Rejuvination, Wrinkles, etc.) Depression Digestive Problems General Wellbeing GERD (Indigestion & Heartburn) Healing Acceleration (Post-Surgery & Illness) Hormonal Imbalances (Men & Women) Hypertension Incontinence Infertillity (Men & Women) Insomnia & Sleep Disorders Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Joint Pain Menopausal Syndrome Menstrual Problems Metabollic Balancing Migraine & Constant Headaches PMS Preventive Healthcare Radiation & Chemotherapy Support  Sexual Dysfunction (Men & Women) Sinus Conditions Sleep Disorders Smoking & Addictions Sport Injuries Statin Drugs Side-Effects Weight Control... & More!

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