Unleash Your Body’s Power to Heal Itself

Acupressure is similar to Acupuncture but performed without the use of needles. The practice involves applying pressure by hand, elbow or various devices to key energy points throughout the body. It has proved highly effective in treating everything from severe back pain to respiratory problems. Activating the key points opens up the body’s energy lines to help restore balance and achieve optimal wellbeing.  Patients are often drawn to acupressure because it is thoroughly non-invasive and often provides instant relief.

How Acupressure Works

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), energy (qi) flows naturally through the body’s14 primary channels, which are called meridians.  Stress, health conditions and injuries weaken and interrupt this natural flow of energy.  By applying gentle, focused pressure to strategic points along the various meridians, acupressure helps restore this natural flow of energy and balance, relieving discomfort and pain while inducing the body to heal itself. 

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