What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a natural healing system that has been used and proven effective for thousands of years. First developed in China, it is now widely practiced throughout the world. In fact, it is currently used by more people than any other form of healthcare. Although it has evolved into a modern medical discipline, it is based on the original, formative principles.

TCM’s Holistic approach to medicine is founded on the belief that every individual has the innate ability to overcome disease and illness. It views the body as a system in constant, dynamic balance. Qi (pronounced chee), our energy or life force, flows through the body via channels called meridians. According to Chinese philosophy, this energy is composed of two opposing principles, yin and yang, which are always in movement, interacting and changing.

The body’s natural flow of energy determines its harmony, balance and good health. When this flow of energy is interrupted or disturbed, the resulting imbalance leads to disharmony and often a health problem. Imbalances can be caused by stress, poor diet, inadequate sleep, emotions, excessive or insufficient sexual activity, and infectious pathogens.  TCM also recognizes six external, environmental forces that contribute to disharmony in the body:  heat, cold, wind, dampness, dryness and summer heat.

The function of TCM is to help restore the body’s natural balance. It does this by working on an energetic level to influence the individual’s mind, body and spirit, stimulating the body’s own power to heal itself. To do this, it uses a variety of treatments including Acupuncture, healing herbs, heat therapy, massage, nutritional remedies, exercise and meditation.

In addition to reversing imbalances that have already caused disease, illness or pain, various treatments can also correct imbalances before illness occurs. In this respect, TCM is one of the most effective forms of Preventive Healthcare

TCM vs. Western Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a very different approach to health than Western Medicine. While Western (or allopathic) care is necessary for acute and life-threatening conditions, it fails to offer a deep level of support to those individuals who suffer from chronic, stress-related issues such as anxiety, insomnia, pain, and digestive disorders.

What’s more, Western Medicine readily makes use of potentially dangerous medication and surgery when safer, gentler treatment can easily remedy the existing condition. It is Dr. Vicki’s belief that, barring an emergency situation, it is far more sensible to start with the safest therapies and progress from there, if necessary, rather than turn to surgery or drugs as initial forms of treatment.

TCM’s approach to health and treatment is Holistic. In Holistic Medicine and treatment, the focus is not eliminating the symptom(s) but on what is causing them and how to restore balance to the body.  In determining the proper form of treatment, a trained Holistic practitioner takes into account the entire individual…

  • The Effects of the Mind (Thoughts, Beliefs, Attitudes, etc.) on the Human Body
  • The Role that Nature Plays in Health & Disease
  • The Relationship between Emotional & Physical Health
  • The Subtle Ways in which Energy is Distributed throughout the Body
  • The Energetic Processes that Underlie Physical & Emotional Imbalances

All of these factors have a direct effect on your wellbeing without exception. For the skilled practitioner of TCM, closely observing and evaluating the harmony of mind, body and spirit are not mere catchphrases; they form the very foundation good health.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help You

Today, Traditional Chinese Medicine is more popular than ever. This is true for many reasons. For one thing, the treatments are safe and gentle. Unlike conventional medicine, there are no negative side effects. It is also more moderately priced. And TCM allows you to take control of your total health. Perhaps most important, it is a powerful form of Preventive Healthcare that makes perfect sense and is highly effective. Why wait until you “unexpectedly” get sick when you can easily maintain optimal health with a simple easy-to-follow health regimen!

TCM takes into account a variety of factors that Western medicine overlooks.  For example, our bodies change with each season.  Certain energies and organs are stronger or weaker at different times of the year. Autumn, for instance, is the season for the lungs.  As you know, it is the time when people “catch” colds or get the flu. So before autumn, a TCM practitioner will strengthen your lung energy (qi) to keep you strong for the coming season. Treatments vary from season to season. Likewise, the food that nourishes us in one season might not be right for us in another. 

Discover the remarkable benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine…

  • Dramatically Increase Your Energy
  • Relieve or Eliminate Chronic Pain
  • Sleep Better & Awaken Feeling Rested
  • Minimize & Control Food / Substance Cravings
  • Reduce / Eliminate Stress & Illness
  • Wean Yourself Off Harmful Medications
  • Enhance Emotional Balance, Motivation & Joy
  • Increase Mental Clarity & Memory
  • Improve Flexibility & Athletic Performance
  • Improve Metabolism to Achieve Ideal Body Weight
  • Increase Longevity & Enhance Your Quality of Life
  • Accelerate Recovery from Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy

TCM can effectively treat and help prevent a wide array of chronic health problems—everything from chronic pain to digestive problems. On a daily basis, it can help you live a more vibrant, joyous and peaceful life. If you are struggling with chronic health issues and have not experienced relief from conventional treatment…if you want to reduce or eliminate your dependence on prescription drugs…or if you simply want to enhance your wellbeing, achieve greater inner balance and maintain optimal health, TCM may be just what the doctor ordered.

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