Homeopathy for Infants & Children

Homeopathy: The Perfect Medicine for Infants & Children

Since Homeopathic prescriptions can be administered safely with or without traditional medication — and without the risk of side effects —they are an ideal form of treatment for a wide range of health issues occurring in infants and children. What’s more, children often find the tablets “fun” to place under their tongues. For infants, tablets diluted in purified water and administered with a dropper prove gentle, easy to administer, easy to swallow and highly effective. 

Homeopathy can help relieve the following health problems… 

Allergies & Hay Fever Anger  Ankle Sprains Anxiety & Fears  Asthma Attention Disorders Behavioral Problems Hyperactivity Breastfeeding Problems Bronchitis (Chronic & Acute) Canker Sores Childhood Diseases Colic Common Injuries (Sprains, Bruises, Factures, etc.) Constipation Diaper Rash Diarrhea Digestive Problems  Ear Infections Eating disorders Eczema Epidemic Diseases  Fever Frequent Coughs & Colds Fungal Skin Infections General Recovery (Surgery, Illness & Medication) Grief Headaches Hives (Urticaria) Infectious Disease Influenza (Flu) Insomnia Nausea Nervousness Nightmares Separation Anxiety Sinusitis Skin Diseases Sleep Disorders Sore Throat & Laryngitis Stomach Aches Stress Styes Teething Tonsillitis & Enlarged Adenoids Upper Respiratory Infections Vomiting Warts

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