Homotoxicology for Infants & Children

Detox Your Children to Protect & Ensure Their Wellbeing

  • Safe, Proven Treatments
  • Acute & Preventive Remedies
  • Dramatic, Life-Changing Results
  • Easy to Administer & Swallow

Nowhere is the proven effectiveness of Homotoxicology more dramatic than in the treatment of children. More than ever before, our children are continuously exposed to a staggering array of toxins throughout their formative years.

For many, this exposure begins in the womb — where various toxins are passed from the mother to the fetus — and continues throughout breastfeeding, where these toxins in the mother’s milk are absorbed by the baby. In 2005, a research study by the Environmental Working Group found nearly 300 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborns, the blood that nourishes the fetus throughout its growth inside the mother. Antibiotics and other medications for childhood conditions expose the child further, as do toxins in our environment and in our food—everything from pesticides to genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

As children are constantly exposed to toxins, periodic treatment to continuously, methodically cleanse their bodies and keep them free of potentially harmful chemicals is well advised. A basic regimen of nutritional supplements, along with essential dietary recommendations, help ensure your child’s good health, enhanced concentration and vitality.

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