Protect Yourself from Environmental Toxins 

Unfortunately, environmental toxins are everywhere—in our food and beverages, our homes and gardens, our offices and more. Today, more than ever, toxins in our environment are a constant threat to our wellbeing. There are more toxins than we know what to do with. And it is well documented that they can cause everything from asthma to cancer.

The widespread over-processing of our food has not only depleted it of its intrinsic value, it has led to a wide array of illnesses and allergic reactions, as well as nutrient deficiencies. Much of our food supply has been genetically modified (GMOs), and the resulting crops, namely corn, soy, sugar beets and canola oil — have been proven to cause illness. The battle to stop these invisible killers wages on as these grains infiltrate and contaminate what we eat, as well as the grains fed to the livestock, which are already injected with toxic antibiotics and hormones that we absorb. The same holds true for farm-raised fish, all of which contain harmful polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

And that’s just our in food supply. There are toxins in our cosmetics and grooming products, cleaning solutions, house paints, carpets and home furnishings, insecticides, pesticides and fungicides (both of which show up in our non-organic food), plastic containers and more. The list goes on without end.

Practice Healthier, More Conscious Living.

As we try to create healthy lives for our families, how can we protect ourselves from this onslaught of toxicity in our world? The answer is knowledge and a commitment to act on that knowledge and adopt a healthier lifestyle. By following a few basic, relatively simple steps, you can start living more consciously and actively protecting yourself from the looming threat of environmental toxins…

  • Eat Organic Foods Whenever Possible…Shop for fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets and health food stores. Organic produce is produced without toxic pesticides and chemicals that you would normally absorb. And the fresher, the better.
  • Buy Only GMO-Free Foods…If doesn’t say "No GMOs" or “Organic” right on the label, chances are it’s not. The majority of mass-produced breakfast cereals, snacks, corn chips and even “healthy” soy products such as tofu, tempeh, and soy burgers contain harmful GMOs if they are not organic. Don’t go near them. And never use chemical sugar substitutes. Instead, try Xylitol or Stevia, a natural sweetener that’s great for treats, coffee, cooking and baking.

  • Minimize Your Meat Consumption…Depending on your blood and body type, you may need a little meat in your diet now and then. Keep it to a minimum and make sure it’s organic. If it isn’t, it’s pumped full of antibiotics, hormones and GMOs, all of which you will absorb.
  • Make the Switch to Non-Toxic Pest Control…If you need an exterminator for pest control, go the natural, non-toxic route. Otherwise, you’re exposing yourself to dangerous chemical toxins that can directly affect your health and that of your family in the short- and long-term.
  • Don’t Bring Toxic Housewares HomeMake sure the paint you buy is non-toxic. The same goes for carpeting, couches (which often contain toxic formaldehyde) and upholstered items. Use only all natural cleaning products. The better ones get the job done without releasing toxins into your home.
  • Eat Detoxifying Foods on a Regular Basis…Eat lots of organic greens, organic seaweed, organic miso soup and other natural foods known for their purifying, detoxifying powers. Drink pure, bottled spring water or filtered water.

Dr. Vicki is an expert on foods and supplements that can help you create a healthier, non-toxic life for you and your family. In addition, as a Certified Homotoxicologist, she can prescribe safe, gentle solutions that will help detoxify your body on a regular basis.

Living a Safer, Purer Life Begins with Mindfulness

  • Think Positive Thoughts
  • Live with Gratitude & Joy
  • Nourish Body, Mind & Soul
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy

The greatest gift that you could ever give to another is your own happiness, for when you are in a state of joy, happiness or appreciation, you are fully connected to the stream of pure, positive Source Energy that is truly who you are. And when you are in that state of connection, anything or anyone that you are holding as your object of attention benefits from your attention.” —Abraham-Hicks

On a mental and spiritual level, the perfect storm of distressing world events affects us all on very deep levels. Of course we want to stay informed and be responsible citizens, but at the same time it’s important to protect ourselves from all the negativity, balancing it with an infusion of positivity and hope.

Dr. Vicki has found an inner ally in the practice of gratefulness. Try waking up in the morning and having your first thoughts be about gratitude. Be grateful for each breath, to be alive in a healthy body, to see the sunshine, to live in a healthy environment, to drink clean water, to have access to healthy food, to have wonderful friends and family in your life—for everything that is good and life-affirming that you already have and that you envision having. Practice this and you’ll find it makes a dramatic difference in the quality of each day and your life.

Be vigilant with yourself. Do not give in to the luxury of negative thinking. It neither serves you nor anyone around you. Instead, choose gratefulness and watch miracles start to blossom around you, because what you choose to focus on will grow in your life. What garden of thoughts and manifestations do you want to cultivate?  Constantly remind yourself to nurture the thoughts that lead to health and balance and success on every level. Then watch them come to pass!

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