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What Really Causes Illness?

Extensive research has been conducted and there are countless theories about where illness begins. Some point to genetics and tendencies in one’s family toward a specific condition. Others insist it is rooted in environmental causes. Regardless of the origins of any condition, the majority of health practitioners —both progressive and conventional — agree that your personal lifestyle has a direct and dramatic impact on your health, vitality and longevity. And Dr. Vicki is one of them. 

The term lifestyle, however, is broad based. More specifically, it refers to a variety of choices you make as part of your daily life, and some are more obvious than others. For instance, it is widely accepted that smoking can be, to use a familiar warning, hazardous to your health. Likewise, being overweight can lead to everything from severe back pain to diabetes to heart failure. But what about the effect of emotional stress on the body? Or eating processed foods and drinking diet soft drinks? And what about the effect of alcohol on the brain and the prostate? Can a change in diet really impact your short- and long-term health?  Can supplements such as fish oil help keep your brain and heart strong and youthful?

For Dr. Vicki, the answer is absolutely. But unlike many practitioners, she believes in moderation—in making simple changes in your lifestyle that are easy to make and quickly rewarded with dramatic, life-changing results. Or as she puts it: “The goal is not to overwhelm someone so that they feel hopeless and defeated; rather, it is to effect subtle, manageable changes that achieve noticeable, encouraging results.” All too often, an enthusiastic practitioner will overwhelm a patient with drastic changes in diet and lifestyle. These recommendations rarely work as the patient soon gives up.

Dr. Vicki’s approach is to encourage small changes that have a big impact. And as her patients will tell you, this uniquely calming, reassuring approach to wellbeing, along with her diverse expertise in progressive medicine, makes all the difference in the world. With her guidance, you can take control of your own health, dramatically improve your wellbeing—and your life.

Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Destiny

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes in our DNA. In short, it confirms that lifestyle choices can affect which genes are turned on or off during our lifetime. This is a very exciting and encouraging field of study. It proves that the lifestyle changes and choices we make can directly affect our health for the rest of our lives, and possibly that of future generations. (Genetic changes do get passed down to at least one successive generation!) The message is clear: It’s never too late to make changes and choices that support a vibrant lifestyle.

Is it possible to make positive changes later in life? Absolutely. Twins may inherit a gene that predisposes them to cancer, but only one will develop the disease. Why? Because diet, toxins, smoking and other health-threatening habits or conditions can turn on the cancer gene, while a healthier lifestyle can turn it off.  Writes health journalist Alice G. Walton: "We're not completely at the mercy of our genes. In many ways, they are at the mercy of our health and lifestyle decisions and habits."

New findings suggest that what you eat and breathe, and the toxins and traumas you’re exposed to not only affect your health, but those of your children and even your grandchildren. So it is well worth your while to make positive changes that support better health.

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