Nutritional Supplements

Why Nutritional Supplements Are So Important

  • Maintain Wellbeing & Prevent Illness
  • Remedy & Relieve Existing Health Problems
  • Increase Daily Energy & Quality of Life
  • Maintain Youthful Vitality & Appearance
  • Encourage & Support a Healthy Immune System
  • Eliminate Harmful Toxins from the Body

Dietary or nutritional supplements — what many of us commonly refer to as vitamins — are designed to fill the gaps in our daily diets by providing the minerals, fiber, essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants and other essential components that are either missing or not consumed in sufficient or recommended quantities. There is a common misconception that you can get all the nutrients you need with a good diet. It’s simply not true.

Leading medical experts have argued for decades over whether we really need supplements at all. But today’s latest, most trusted research concludes that our basic food intake — even an exceptionally healthy, balanced diet — does not provide enough nutrients to protect us from chronic health problems or support optimal wellbeing. The fact is, nutritional supplements really make a difference, dramatically enhancing your health on many levels, both in the short- and long-term.

Simply put, it is important to supplement whatever you are eating in order to get everything you need. This is true for optimal health and Preventive Healthcare, as well as for addressing and relieving, if not eliminating, existing conditions such as skin dryness, arthritis, digestive problems and more. In terms of your daily routine, taking supplements is one of the easiest, most effortless ways to improve your wellbeing, prevent future health problems, and enhance the quality of your life. Bottom line: A daily regimen of high-quality nutritional supplements is essential to robust, lasting health.

How Nutritional Supplements Help You

Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids are essential to life. Our bodies couldn’t function without these vital nutrients. When we don’t get the basic nutrients we need, health problems frequently develop. Your diet is naturally the primary source of these nutrients, but even the best diets can’t provide everything you need. And as we get older, it is important to maintain high levels of nutrition. Various medications can also deplete our bodies of essential nutrients, and it is necessary to replenish them to maintain our health.  

There are also environmental factors at work as well. High levels of pollution in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and toxins in our homes and workplace put undue stress on our bodies that we are not naturally equipped to defend ourselves against. Stress also depletes us of vital nutrients. How then do you compensate for a deficient intake of nutrients to maintain your health and antioxidants to protect yourself from disease? Simple, you take supplements to help your body eliminate toxins, support your immune system, discourage health problems and maintain youthful vitality.

But not all supplements are created equal. The proper dosage and the quality of ingredients — as well as their sources — have a major impact on their effectiveness. What’s more, it’s not enough to learn about the benefits of a supplement and take it without the advice of a knowledgeable medical practitioner. You can do yourself great harm by guessing at what supplements are appropriate. It is important to make sure they contain the right balance of the key nutrients your body needs. Dr. Vicki uses her extensive medical background and knowledge of supplements to first evaluate your health, and then design a customized regimen that will safely and thoroughly address your unique health needs.

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