Praise for Dr. Vicki from Patients & Physicians alike...

“When I was pregnant with my second child, the ultrasound showed that my baby was breech. If she didn’t shift, I would be forced to have a C-Section. Although they’re safe, I didn’t want one if I could possibly help it. So I called Dr. Vicki. She treated me and after just a few Acupuncture sessions, my baby re-positioned herself for a normal delivery. Thank you Dr. Vicki!”

— Marte Rogers Penland

“Dr. Vicki cured me of chronic kidney stones after just one visit. I had been suffering for close to three decades, experiencing as many as three kidney stones a year. No urologist ever helped me or, equally important, asked the right questions about my diet and lifestyle.…but just one consultation with Dr. Vicki and I was cured. It was a miracle. I haven’t had a stone in over five years!”

— Jeff Horn

“As a physician, I highly recommend Dr. Vicki to all of my patients. As a former IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) patient, I am grateful to her for helping me realize my own dream of motherhood.” 

— Catherine Arvantely, MD

“I have been seeing Dr. Vicki regularly for over ten years. Her approach to Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine is extremely empathetic and competent, both in terms of diagnosis and actual treatment. It is also a very relaxing, restorative experience. While I have often turned to Dr. Vicki for specific health issues, for the past few years I have also been on a monthly maintenance program. As a result, my health is excellent. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Vicki to anyone!”

— Dennis Aigner

“My husband and I were trying to conceive a child for over two years with no success. I then found Dr. Vicki. As a direct result of her Acupuncture and Herbal treatments for both me and my husband, I conceived twice just 18 months apart. I now have three wonderful children.”

— Staci Joy, RN

"Dr. Vicki is my doctor and an amazing, caring person. Before I even ask, she understands my problems and my needs. She helps because she wants to, because it gives her joy. Helping her patients achieve wellbeing and happiness is always her top priority. She has insights into my health that no other doctor has. I truly believe she makes this world a better place by reaching out to others and by giving from her heart.”

— Karin Renda

“I saw Dr. Vicki throughout my pregnancy. In the beginning I struggled with morning sickness and her Homeopathy worked wonders. Later in my pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and Dr. Vicki helped me through that as well. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition. Thanks to her dietary recommendations, along with her treatments, I maintained healthy blood sugar levels and great health. My baby was born with no complications and I no longer have any diabetic symptoms.

When I was a week overdue, I was uncomfortable and started having pre-labor contractions. Dr. Vicki treated me to help induce labor. Previously, for the birth of my son, I had been induced with Pitocin and I wanted to avoid that this time. I saw Dr. Vicki daily and went into labor — on her table — on the fourth day of treatment. I experienced natural childbirth without drugs or complications. Our baby girl was born six hours later. Dr. Vicki also supported me after the birth with Homeopathy for my hormonal shifts.

I have been so fortunate to have had the care of such a compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive doctor to help me through my pregnancy. Dr. Vicki has an extraordinary bedside manner. Gentle and empathetic, it is healing just to be in her presence, while her combination of Acupuncture, Homeopathy and nutritional advice is extremely effective. Her treatments were the perfect complement to my traditional care.”

— Cassandra Coblentz

“With her vast knowledge and experience, Dr. Vicki has been an amazing asset to my medical practice. Her treatments consistently, dramatically improve the health of my patients, while her compassion and positivity always improve their state of mind. Whether she’s addressing serious health issues or providing preventive healthcare, I consider her contribution to patient care to be invaluable. My patients all rave about her!”

— Dr. Deanna Windham, DO

 “I was introduced to Dr. Vicki as a gift from a friend, having just gone through extensive surgery for fourth stage tongue cancer. I was facing difficult courses of chemotherapy and radiation. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. She has such a nurturing and nourishing spirit. I found relief for specific symptoms such as fatigue and neuropathy, as well as a heightened sense of wellbeing and a willingness to carry on. I am very grateful to her.”

— Ellen Seely

“I first went to Dr. Vicki 20 years ago because my knee was buckling under me during karate. My orthopedic surgeon suggested exploratory surgery.  But Dr. Vicki remedied the problem in just four treatments without surgery. It happened to be in spring, when my allergies would typically go wild. But to my surprise, I realized they were gone. She explained that her Holistic treatments address the whole person. My allergies have never returned!  Since then, I’ve seen her regularly for maintenance and preventive healthcare.

I am an active surfer and hiker. As a result, I’ve had two shoulder operations and a pulled Achilles tendon. Dr. Vicki accelerated my recovery from all three. When I had trouble passing an extremely painful kidney stone, she performed Acupuncture and prescribed an herbal tea mixture. The stone passed several days later without pain.

Recently I used her for Medical Advocacy.  I was diagnosed with a 90% blockage in one of my arteries.  While the cardiologist said I needed a stent immediately, Dr. Vicki evaluated my total health profile and strongly suggested I get a second opinion. The second cardiologist did extensive testing. Not only did I NOT HAVE 90% blockage, I had NO blockage, and didn’t need a stent or drugs. I am so grateful for her invaluable intervention. Thank you Dr. Vicki!”

— Duke Olrich

“I have been seeing Dr. Vicki for the past twenty years. She has helped me maintain my health and strength throughout, especially during what are now my senior years. Lately, I’ve had difficulty getting to her office, so now she treats me in my own home. It is so wonderful to be able to relax during these treatments and afterwards fall back to sleep in my own bed! I am so very grateful that she makes home visits available, so I can continue to have her wonderful treatments.” 

— Rachel Kennedy